Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ice Cream and Baby Chicks

We love going to the Velvet Ice Cream Festival. There is this show there with a man and his wife that train dogs to heard. It is amazing. The kids were a 'cone' that the dogs had to heard the duck around. Then of course, pony rides, tractor rides, rubber band machine guns and ice cream. We also went up to my parents the same day to see their new baby chicks.

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More T-Ball

T-ball has been hilarious to watch. There is always some kid dancing or playing with his hat or with his hands down his pants. Thank goodness the worst mine does is play in the sand. Today he was the catcher. Maybe we will try soccer for him next season. T-ball has A LOT of down time.

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Fun Day at school

The month of May was filled with fun activities. The school hosted a 'Fun Day'. Luckily I remembered to lather up the kids in sunscreen for hours of games. Sadly, I forgot to lather up myself. Abby was in tears the first day of summer vacation. IS THIS NORMAL? She would get really quiet and teary, when I asked what was wrong she would explain how sad she was that it was summer and she couldn't go to school anymore.

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