Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Fun

What a busy weekend. Friday we spent the evening making ghosts and decorating for halloween. Halloween is definitely Eli's favorite holiday. He spends hours looking through magazines with spooky decorations and party ideas.

Saturday was the first annual Hebron Music and Arts Festival. We watched a parade of high school bands, saw a chalk drawing contest, looked at old cars, and ate aND ATE! Abby even lost her front tooth while eating a hot dog! After we were done with the festival activities we headed over to Pigeon Roost Farm down the road. It is a wonderful little pumpkin farm set up with tons of fun things for the kids to do. We went through a corn maze, saw the enchanted forest and spent the rest of the afternoon playing on the toys and games they had there.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Adventures in Canning

This is the first year I have attempted canning. Really, it's not too hard, I actually enjoy it. So far I have done 30 quarts of tomatoes, 3 quarts of apple sauce, and Chuck and I did 10 pints of salsa. We will definitely modify our garden next year for more canning. Too much squash this year. Way too much squash!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So you all know how miserable the first days of school are. Not for the kids, for the moms! ALL of the mountains and mountains of paperwork that has to be sent in. Emergency release forms, medical forms, address verification, surveys from the teachers, and the good ol' handbook that has to be reviewed with the kids and signed. Normally YUCK, or in our case YIPPEE! It literally paid off this year as I received a phone call from the principal this morning. When I saw it on Caller ID I was sure someone would need to come home because of sickness or something, then I was more leery when I discovered it was the principal. 'What did Eli do now' you ask. You're Wrong! It was Abby. She won a $100 gift card to the mall in a drawing because I spent hours filling out paperwork and I got it back in on time. So off to the mall later with the kids. Abby has been eyeing new pajamas with her new crush, Bobby Jack (a cute little monkey, apparently all the girls LOVE him) on them.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunday Drive...and a swim

After church I got really stir crazy so we set out on the open road to explore Ohio. After getting mildly lost we ended up at Clear Creek (not our intended spot, but fun none the less). We went on a small hiking trail and ended up at a small sandy beach on the creek. I told the kids they could roll up their jeans and play. I think it took 2 minutes for them to end up completely soaked. The hike back was in underpants and their shirts.