Friday, May 7, 2010

Green Eye Shadow

Abby got off of the bus on Tuesday, and I noticed she had pretty green eyeshadow on. The thing was, it was only on one eye. I know that she loves to chat with the big 5th graders on the bus, so I was sure that they had put makeup on each other on the way home. I mentioned it to her and told her to quickly go and wash her face before she had to get ready for soccer.

She said that it wasn't eyeshadow but a black eye. So, last weekend she was upstairs building some giant something out of tinker toys with Eli and she got hit in the eye. She came down stairs saying that her eye hurt, and like any good mom would, I told her to get her rear end back upstairs and go to sleep.

I had sent her to school for two days with a black eye without even noticing it. Apparently all the teachers at school and Brenda, her piano teacher, even asked her about it.

So please hold your applause for my brilliant display of mothering.

22 Days and Counting!

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