Saturday, October 24, 2009


Abby's school held the annual
Fall Extravaganza
at Dawes Arboretum
There was a hayride through the trees
and lots of spooky things

Abby met up with some friends They dug for prizes
in buckets of corn

Tried on their prizesMade me
try on their prizesMade apple cider
where Eli
argued with the Johnny Appleseed character
(with a pot for a hat and everything)
that he couldn't be the real Johnny Appleseed
the real Johnny Appleseed
was dead.
Made necklaces
from buckeyes
Drank lots of hot chocolate
ate lots of popcorn
Went on a luminary walk
through the woods.
I kept having to remind
Abby and her friends
NOT to blow out the candles. Our walk led to
a spooky cabin
in the woods and a bonfire
with story tellers.
Stories about monsters
bobbing for children
in swimming pools
instead of
apples in a barrel.