Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February Update

This has been a busy few weeks. We have finished up the floors in the kitchen (FINALLY)! My fridge has been in the dining room for the last 6 weeks while we waited for the floors to cure, so you can understand my excitement. There a just a few more pieces of trim to put up here and there and then... Finito! It was so nice today to bake banana-chocolate muffins in my kitchen.

Thursday was supposed to be Eli's 100 days of school celebration. He counted out 100 goldfish crackers and put them in a fish bowl that he had decorated for the class '100s Museum'. However, Wednesday night there was another huge windstorm knocking out power to the school. Not to mention that it blew over our temporary shed again. At least this time it didn't have to be turned into State Farm. I wonder if this is a sign that we shouldn't build our garage in that corner of the lot?

So because school was cancelled on Thursday the 100 day celebration was combined with Valentine's day in Eli's class. I love Valentine's Day Parties. They are by far the best class parties. I spent the whole day in my role as PTO Treasurer running back and forth to the bank to cash checks and pay for Pizza Parties that the classes had earned. The kids (My mom, Abby and I) made cute valentines with her Cricut. Eli (ok, once again, not Eli) made cute pillow pockets filled with goodies and Abby made flowers with lollipops and paper petals and leaves. She sported a heart hair style that had teachers taking pictures of her head. It is so fun to have such a girlie girl.

I woke up the morning of Valentine's Day to find fun little notes, 135 to be exact, all over the house. Chuck has spent the entire night before writing them out. It was so nice of him to think of me.